S4 Support Client with Sediment Sampling Study on River Mersey

S4 fully supported their client, Briggs Marine Contractors Ltd. (Briggs Port & Marine Division) with vibrocore sediment sampling & survey services on board the Multicat Workboat ‘Vital’ for the Eastham Queen Elizabeth II Lock Replacement Project on the River Mersey (The Wirral), as part of a sediment sampling study/ requirement for Peel Ports.

The geotechnical survey was performed between 13th and 15th July 2020.

A total of three vibrocore samples and a single day grab were taken at end Client (Peel ports) determined locations. The vibrocore sampling was performed using an EEL (Exploration Electronics) owned OSIL VC4000 system mobilised with 6m sampling barrels, cutting shoe, metal core catcher, and 96mm internal diameter (ID) liners.

The samples themselves were recovered within a plastic liner and individual samples taken at top, bottom and 1m intervals (stored in provided amber glass jars and plastic receptacles) as well as subdivided into 1m long sections. All samples, core lengths and core logs were taken by BMC to their local offices/base at Brocklebank Dock, Liverpool for storage and laboratory testing, as required by the client.

A day grab sample was also taken via a shore side portable crane within the lock gate recess.

S4 fully supported Briggs Marine with document preparation/procedures, project management, onsite support and final reporting delivery, whilst also resourcing on BMC behalf the experienced personnel team (Party Chief/Surveyor, Geotechnical Engineer, Geotechnical Operator) & geotechnical/surface positioning/navigation software/IT equipment required to perform the tasks.