S4 provide the following support and benefits to clients, as a minimum:

  • Business development & marketing/ PR
  • Project management
  • Tendering & commercial
  • Technical
  • Annual Subsea Asset & Inspection Data Integrity Monitoring & Solutions (IRM and O&M)
  • Personnel & recruitment sounding board & assistance (not supply)

  • Resourcing for partial or turnkey solutions – sounding board & assistance
  • Training compilation & delivery
  • Procedural & document preparation
  • Staff welfare & personnel development/ mentoring
  • R&D & Innovation
  • Client representative support (marine survey, subsea inspection, subsea cable preparatory works, installation & O&M)

The above can be provided for the following types of principle sectors, amongst others:

Marine Survey

Hydrography, route and development surveys (inshore, intertidal, nearshore & offshore) – topographic, hydrographic, geophysical, UXO, geotechnical, ROV etc.

Subsea Inspection

IRM and O&M – pipelines, umbilical’s, cables, subsea structures & assets

Construction Support

Pre lay, pipelay support/ TDM, as built/ as laid, as found surveys

Cable Preparatory / Ancillary Support

PLGR, route clearance, boulder removal/ clearance, mattress installation, subsea excavation/ de-burial, subsea protection measures (rectification/ stabilisation/ crossings preparations)

Cable Installation & Burial

Submarine telecoms and power cables installation (interconnectors, export, in field and inter array) with simultaneous or separate burial operations (pre-cut/ vertical injector/ dredged, plough, trencher, WROV etc.)