Further Survey Theory Training Delivered to MEWO S.A.

A real pleasure this last 7 days to provide technical training provision to these guys at MEWO S.A. as part of their MEWO Training & Personal Development Program – attentive, focused and enthusiastic throughout.

Training provided on the following topics:

  • Subsea asset & data integrity monitoring/ solutions & subsea inspection
  • Marine survey, ROV & construction support
  • Submarine cable preparatory, installation & burial

Team MEWO – Agnieszka Zawieja, Piotr Dynia, Sylwester Hawryluk, Marcin Bigajczyk, Marta Szafrańska, Marta Grabinska, Jan Kowalik, Michał Franczak, Lukasz Wezyk, Kisiel Przemek, Agata Lubowska

Well done guys. Until next time….