S4 Twelve Month Rolling Contract with MEWO

Suffolk Survey & Subsea Services (S4) signed a rolling twelve (12) month contract to forge an ever-closer cooperation with MEWO S.A. (Subsea Solutions) from 1st February 2020. The agreement is for the overall management of all MEWO projects and operations overseeing the operations, processing & reporting, survey & personnel, engineering and business development departments. S4 are providing Director of Operations and Deputy Director of Operations on weekly rotation in the Straszyn head offices, nr. Gdansk, Poland (with ad hoc requirements in the new project office in Den Helder, The Netherlands, as required). The roles are provided in close integration with the current in-house Deputy Director of Operations and heads of departments.

The nature of the agreement allows S4 to continue to fully support their other client base with management consultancy support and via our collaborative focuses this provides mutual benefits to MEWO and all client parties.

Mr. Arron Burrows and Mr. Jose Maria Alvarez Alda from S4 are fulfilling the posts and responsible to the MEWO CEO and Board of Directors. Mr. Burrows, Director of S4 has been supporting MEWO since March 2019 with training, mentoring, business development/ marketing, resourcing, tendering support and document control and production with Mr. Alvarez having been involved since October 2019. Mr. Burrows has personally known the senior management of MEWO since 2013 with several subsequent years of successful project cooperation and having witnessed the rapid growth of the company from its original 4-5 staff to its current 120+ staff – during the height of the season, 2019 saw MEWO managing 15 operational vessels, wholly supported by its in house Polish staff. S4 extensive resourcing knowledgebase also provides fit for purpose marine survey & subsea assets and solutions to MEWO’s existing cooperation’s to enhance their portfolio of services.

Additionally, S4 are providing MEWO with management consultants as project awards dictate and with an increase in North Sea and Mediterranean waters projects out with MEWO’s historical Polish Baltic sector operations.

Pawel Weiner (MEWO CEO) said of the greater cooperation with S4, “We have had trusted and long standing relations with Arron (Mr. Burrows) and when he recently setup S4 it was clear that we should cooperate together with his company as we have done with him in the past. Arron’s and his colleague’s professionalism, high experience and knowledge in the survey industry has in tandem with our own prowess significantly increased our profile and exposure to the greater European survey market including our project opportunities and client base. We look forward to this closer cooperation and the future opportunities this will create for MEWO”

Arron Burrows (S4 Director) commented “The opportunity to become more involved with Team MEWO and help bring to the market a company that for some time now I have seen as a potential sleeping giant, was too much to resist. Their Polish staff are a huge compliment to the company exuding much energy, passion, proactivity, work ethic along with a thirst for increased knowledge and constant improvement. MEWO already offer so many differentiators that other companies never strive to achieve, with a current wholly 100% Polish staff base, energetic and experienced work force (average age 30 in an industry with a reported aging work force of average 56yrs) combined with an offshore survey experienced senior management team, as well as high female staff numbers offshore as well as onshore. Couple this with four DP1 vessels confirmed for 2020 (6 by 4Q), options on three DP2 and confirmed use of up to 10 nearshore/ intertidal/ inshore vessels within the fleet as well as many key equipment assets (with more planned investment in 2020), a doubling of the Straszyn head office & workshop size, ready for Summer 2020 – there is much to admire and introduce to the wider European survey market beyond the Baltic.”

MEWO S.A. (Subsea Solutions) are the largest privately owned and independent company in Poland operating in marine survey, geoscience, environmental and subsea engineering. We provide services and solutions to offshore energy sectors implementing projects in the Baltic, Mediterranean and Southern North Sea areas in the field of oil & gas, renewables, subsea telecoms and research.

Suffolk Survey and Subsea Services (S4), is a private limited company, based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK, providing management consultancy services & solutions to the marine survey/ geoscience and offshore energy sectors.

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